Digital Marketing Strategy


The successful execution of a plan starts with a clear and focused strategy and a format where client and service provider understand what to expect from each other.

Occupancy Booster works with the concept of SAMR your Goals (Set Act Measure & Reset your Goals)
The SAMR your goals framework looks as follows :

Together we create a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Measure
    • Facebook Insights, Engagement, Persona Results, Success per message type, Tracking agreed goals, Install & Set Up Reporting tools that track the set goals

  • Reset
    • Monthly evaluation of what goes good, what needs to be adjusted / alignment of messages and plan for the upcoming month

To get more bookings we need to understand the situation we are in.

    • Together with client we set Smart goals for example:


  • Plan to reach the goals

    • Customer's Journey, USP’s, Messages, Monthly Content, Plan Budget per channel, Execution per  channel