SEO for Hospitality Providers

At Occupancy Boosters we believe in ranking your hotel as a whole instead of focusing on individual keywords. Of course get high rankings in search engines is what SEO is all about, but we don't stare blind of fixed phrase, we believe in number of phrases that drive traffic and more important sales / conversion.  

For Occupancy Booster SEO is to increase the visibility of a hotel or serviced apartment brand in search engines and to attract those visitors that have the potential to be lead to the next level of their customer journey and eventually into happy guest that share their experiences in social media and the various rating platforms or online travel agencies.

Because the main goal is to turn visitors into happy guest it is so important to have a thorough understanding of them which we do in the digital marketing strategy where we define the several persona's that stay in your accommodation.

SEO is not a stand alone activity, it is the result of quality content, social proof and excellent user experience of your website. 

Occupancy booster will work with your hospitality company on all those elements